A new BAD format – visiting the most interesting places in Berlin and talking to the faces behind them. On the very first episode of BAD VISITS we meet Berlin-based art collector Uli Seibert. His unique collection focuses on Pop-Surrealism, Pop-Comic Surrealism and Lowbrow. Upon being asked: “What are you collecting?”, the answer you’ll hear is: “It‘s hard to explain. You‘ll know it when you see it.”

His collection is very unique in Berlin’s art ecosystem, since it has no conceptual art, no abstraction and no minimalism. His collection is full of color, bizarro stuff, and paintings you wouldn’t expect to see in a Berlin art collection. He guides us through his favorite paintings and shares the ideas hidden behind these weird pieces. DIRECTED AND PRODUCED by BAD MEDIA team.

Artnet.com – Bericht zur Berlin Collectors Night 23.08.2019


„Eine Initiative der bedeutenden Berliner Privatsammlungen“