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BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors – the 7th Edition


What started off as an ambitious and daunting task back in 2012 to gather a world-wide list of privately owned contemporary art collections with public access, resulted in a pocket-sized publication with the hope to increase the accessibility of privately owned art to the general public. The BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors is your go-to guide to discover new collections where art is presented in the most diverse and interesting settings. The first of its kind, the Art Guide is your perfect companion for city trips abroad or for finding havens of contemporary art right on your doorstep. The 7th edition of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors presents 304 private yet publicly accessible collections of contemporary art — featuring large and small, famous and the relatively unknown. Succinct portraits of the collections with color photographs take the reader to 51 countries and 224 cities, often to regions that are off the beaten path.



Tip Berlin: Private Kunstsammlungen in Berlin: Entdeckungen in exklusiver Atmosphäre







Interview für Georg Kolbe Museum im Berliner Westend

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‘GOOD VIBRATIONS – Auf Stippvisite in der Seibert Collection in Berlin’ – Artikel in STAYINART Magazine

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‘A Hotel Life’ – Berlin by Fabia Mendoza



#Direkte Auktion August 2021 – Sammler im Gespräch


Veröffentlichung in der DISKURS Zeitschrift (das Kundemagazin der Weberbank) Ausgabe 34/2021

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Messe in Sankt Agnes zur Art Week 2020, Galerie König, Panel von Therme Art zu Where are we now Berlin?



Art Week Berlin September 2020





A new BAD format – visiting the most interesting places in Berlin and talking to the faces behind them. On the very first episode of BAD VISITS we meet Berlin-based art collector Uli Seibert. His unique collection focuses on Pop-Surrealism, Pop-Comic Surrealism and Lowbrow. Upon being asked: “What are you collecting?”, the answer you’ll hear is: “It‘s hard to explain. You‘ll know it when you see it.”

His collection is very unique in Berlin’s art ecosystem, since it has no conceptual art, no abstraction and no minimalism. His collection is full of color, bizarro stuff, and paintings you wouldn’t expect to see in a Berlin art collection. He guides us through his favorite paintings and shares the ideas hidden behind these weird pieces. DIRECTED AND PRODUCED by BAD MEDIA team. – Bericht zur Berlin Collectors Night 23.08.2019

“Eine Initiative der bedeutenden Berliner Privatsammlungen”